Managing VMWare Infrastructure with PowerShell

So you have used VMWare Virtual Infrastructure 3, you know how powerful it is and how great the features are within the VI client but what happens when you want to get more details or you want to automate some features… You wait for the next version and hope they have included them in there – WRONG !

You wait till early next year and you buy “Managing VMWare Infrastructure with PowerShell written by Hal Rottenberg and published by SAPIEN Press.

I have just finished technically reviewing this great book, if you haven’t bothered learning PowerShell yet (why not) and you haven’t looked at the VI Toolkit then please do yourself a favour and buy this book when it is released.

Not only does it give you an amazing insight into the way things work below the GUI it also teaches you the basics of PowerShell and how to use this technology to manage the VMware feature set we have come to know and love.

Hal’s unique writing style will take you through learning how to perform many extensive tasks which would normally take hours, sometimes days through the client and show you how to perform these actions within minutes or sometimes seconds. He even adds a little of his own sense of humour to lighten some of the more mundane tasks.

Learn how to deploy multiple virtual machines in minutes, report on the extensive areas of virtual infrastructure and much much more.

Believe me, this is one book I would recommend for any VI Admin to read and store net to your management workstation.

If you are a VI admin reading this then stop doing things the long way and get a bit of Posh in your life.

Table of Contents
Introduction – Why You Need This Book
  1. Windows PowerShell Crash Course
  2. Getting Started
  3. Scripting with Virtual Infrastructure
  4. Understanding Your Verbs and Nouns
  5. Basic Cmdlets
  6. Deploying Your Virtual Infrastructure
  7. Configuring Your Environment
  8. Reporting and Discovery
  9. Keeping Things Running (Maintenance)
  10. When Things Break (Troubleshooting)
  11. Management and Automation Case Studies
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3 thoughts on “Managing VMWare Infrastructure with PowerShell

  1. halr9000

    Looks like it’ll be coming out in February. To be notified when it comes out, follow my blog which is at There’s RSS and email subscription links in the right nav bar.

  2. Roger Lund

    Thanks for the post, I’ll have to look at the book.

    When is the ship date?

    I need to read up on PowerShell.

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