VMware Infrastructure PowerPack 2.1 for PowerGUI

Do you want to get some of the benefits of the VI Toolkit without the learning curve (even though its very easy to pickup)?

Well Kirk (Poshoholic) Munro has just updated the VMware Infrastructure PowerPack.  This is a great GUI way to access the power of the VI Toolkit and the skills of a Powershell Expert rolled into one smooth, easy to use application.

The VMware Infrastructure Management PowerPack for PowerGUI has just been updated to version 2.1 adding lots of new features and improving the already brilliant features.  This PowerPack facilitates management and automation of VMware Infrastructure servers using the VMware VI Toolkit with PowerGUI’s expandable administrative console.

Version 2.1 of the VMware Infrastructure Management PowerPack includes the following highlights:

  • Significant performance improvements when loading datacenters and clusters.
  • New top-level container nodes to facilitate viewing objects without having to browse into the Managed Hosts node.
  • Links allowing you to browse into log files from hosts.
  • Support for the VMware VI Toolkit 1.5 release.
  • VMotion support for virtual machines.

In addition to these changes, several links have been added and quite a few defects have been fixed.

You can learn more about this PowerPack, including version history and other details here. Great job Kirk and team.

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