VI Toolkit Lab @ VMWorld

Whilst at VMWorld I managed to sit in on the very popular VI toolkit Lab, this was one of around 10 labs which were running during the day and people could go up and run through some testing on a pre-built lab environment all for themselves.

This gives people a great opportunity to play and mess with things that they may not get a chance to do in there normal line of work.


As you can see from the above picture there were some dual monitor workspaces where you could have the instructions open on one monitor whilst you used a combination of PowerGUI and the PowerShell prompt to complete the pre-written extensive guide or you could take your laptop and launch your own view session.  Carter and his team, listed below were on hand to give you a hand or just have a chat.

  • Aidan Dalgleish – Senior Consultant
  • Carter Shanklin – Product Manager, End User Enablement
  • Reg Hall – Senior Systems Engineer
  • Hardev Sanghera – Lead Partner, Systems Engineer
  • Yavor Boychev – VI Toolkit QA Lead
  • Andrey Anastasov – VI Toolkit Architect
  • The guide was very well written and took you from starting up right through to the sdk and how to get to the finer details of it.

    The guide has recently been released by Carter and his team and can be downloaded here, I know you may not have the test environment but its definitely worth a download and a read through.

    Whilst I was there I even spotted one of the VI Toolkit experts messing with the lab, well known for his one-liners, he was trying to complete all the guide examples in one line !


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