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imageThis week I gave a presentation to the UK PowerShell User Group at the Microsoft HQ in the UK, this was also available over live meeting and seemed to go quite well, despite the issues with the projectors, wifi, sound and rooms we were in.

For those people who couldn’t make the live meeting or the UK PowerShell User Group I have uploaded my slide deck for you to have a look through.

Download the slides here in PDF format…

My Presentation followed a nice insight into the 2008 Active Directory cmdlets that are being released by Microsoft, Jonathan Medd gave a great comparison of this and the Quest tools and also showed us a nice demo of the new Recycle bin feature in 2008 Active Directory.


These were both recorded and presented over Live Meeting, I will include a link so that you can watch them as soon as it is available.

5 thoughts on “VI Toolkit Presentation

  1. Tom Howarth

    also remember to removed the U from things like Neighbourhood and harbour, and I thinks thats it, unless this is for an audience from the south of the country then you need to ad Ye’alll to the end 😉

  2. Virtu-Al

    I think there is an UK English -> US English converter in Google, from what I believe all you do is change the letter s to letter z and add ‘Have a nice day’ to the end of each slide.

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