Exchange Audit

I received a comment the other day on my Server/Workstation audit script from someone saying they had modified my script to audit Exchange 2003.

As you can imagine, I was intrigued and asked to have a look, I cant tell you how much it pleases me that people are able to take the scripts I write and amend/improve them to suite there needs.

image Jean has done a great job with this, I ran it against our test exchange cluster and it worked great, the end results are in the same nice format (which I have now improved to work with all browsers but that’s for another post)

On checking Jeans site I found a number of other cool powershell scripts including a nice script which allows you to analyze and defrag multiple machines hard disks from powershell, check the site out here: ‘Powershell Needfull Things’

Fantastic job Jean !

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