Unofficial Online VMware User Group

I have now added a new page to my blog, you will be able to find this at the top just under the title bar, it is called UOVMUG.

I will add all user group related details to this tab and upload the recorded video after the occasion.

Make sure you check it out for the first session which was recorded yesterday and is already active on the page.

Please leave any comments on that page to help shape the future of the online VMUG.

2 thoughts on “Unofficial Online VMware User Group

  1. Kevin Hamilton

    Alan, just watched the first part of the video covering Scott’s presentation and thought it was excellent. Will watch the rest later. Gutted I didn’t make it online live but looking forward to the next one. Great job mate. See you at the next VMUG in London.


  2. johnfox

    Thanks for organising the vmug last night. I really enjoyed it and hope to see more. Keep up the good work alan!

    ps any powershell books going spare from the session last night?

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