PowerCLI – Where do I start ?!

Recently I have been asked a few times where to start when trying to learn PowerCLI and Powershell, there are many learning resources available for PowerShell, all you need to do is Google “Powershell basics” and off you go but what about PowerCLI ?

Well first on the list would have to be the book ‘Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell’ by Hal Rottenberg.  Its a great book with loads of examples and Hal has a great way of writing where it keeps you amused whilst still learning.

Secondly there is my blog post which takes it right back to basics and tells you how to install PowerCLI.

Thirdly, there are a number of great PDF files which you can read to help you along your journey, starting from the basics up to the more interesting ones including cmdlet references and in depth features:

Beginners Guide to Managing VMware using PowerShell by Xtravirt
This is a simple 4 page ‘Beginners Guide’ which explains some of the fundamentals of PowerCLI and also areas like Running PowerShell Scripts
from DOS Command Prompts or Task Scheduler.

Get it here:http://xtravirt.com/xd10133

Managing VMware with PowerShell FAQ
The official FAQ on PowerCLI, some great resources in here, make sure you check here first !

Get it here: http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-4210

VI Toolkit Quick Reference Guide
You may recognise the author 😉 And he has promised an updated version very soon.

Get it here: http://virtu-al.net/Downloads/VIToolkitQuickReferenceGuide.pdf

VI Toolkit Hands-on Lab Manual VMworld Europe 2009
The Lab manual from VMworld Europe 2009, a great starting place, you wont have the lab but its definitely worth a run through, it starts nice and easy and then moves on to the more progressive stuff, a great piece of work.

Get it here: http://blogs.vmware.com/files/vi-toolkit-lab—-vmworld-europe-2009.pdf

PowerGUI / VESI PowerPack Guide
A most excellent guide written by Kirk Munro explaining the ins and outs of how to get started with PowerGUI & VESI Powerpacks.

Read it here: http://wiki.powergui.org/index.php/PowerPacks

PowerWF Studio
A great app that allows you to sit one step above the PowerShell console and drag and drop your PowerShell and PowerCLI based functions and cmdlets into a worflow based design.

Read about it here: http://www.powerwf.com/

Icomasoft Reference Guide
Another great PowerCLI reference card by Icomasoft

Read about it here: http://www.icomasoft.com/products/vi-powerscripter/powercli-reference-card.html

Once you have been through these I suggest you get yourself a test box to start messing around with, just play with the cmdlets, they will soon start to make sense and the more you play the more you will love it.

Don’t wait, this is not one of those things you can put off until tomorrow, PowerShell is here to stay…Learn it now and be ahead of the crowd.

7 thoughts on “PowerCLI – Where do I start ?!

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  6. DJLO

    Awesome post. Been playing with this stuff for a few months by hacking my way to get things to work. Now finally i have a place where i can understand what i’m doing properly

    Thanks again Alan !


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