The Onyx has landed

A couple of months ago Carter Shanklin (Product Manager of Automating the World) teased us all with a wonderful application which creates PowerCLI scripts for you by tracing your actions in the vCenter Client.

The scripts it produces are not PowerCLI perfect but they do produce a raw format of a script which can be used to find the awkward bits of the API that are hidden in the back of the API documentation.  The true power in PowerCLI will still be the manipulation of the cmdlets.

After a private beta Onyx is now here and downloadable to try for yourself.

Please make sure you watch the video as Onyx actually sits in between the vSphere client and the vCenter server and translates the traffic between the two into PowerCLI scripts, think universal translator in startrek.

So go ahead and try it and lets see how you get on, I found it very useful to find out how to change some items in the VI client when I couldn’t find them in the API documentation, great Job Carter and team.

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