VMware Converter – VMXNET3 Issue

How do you move your VMs from one vCenter to another ?

Today whilst moving a few VMs from my test vCenter server to my Non Production vCenter server I hit upon an issue with VMware converter, this is just a warning so you do not have the same issue.

I used VMware Converter (Latest version at this time: 4.0.1 build-161434) to move the VMs, as I have a thousand times before, but the machines in question was actually a Hardware Version 7 VM with a VMXNET3 network adapter, moving from ESX4 U1 to ESX 4U1.  I have to say VMware Converter really is a great tool, I use it for many tasks from growing disks to P2Vs and the fact it is free is fantastic.

When going through the wizard Converter clearly found the VM as Hardware Version 7 as seen below…


All settings were left as default and the copy was a success, upon powering on the VM I was unable to ping it, after further investigation I noticed the NIC had changed to an E1000 adapter and therefore the OS had a new NIC and no IP.

The resolution was simple, take the machine down, remove the nic and re-add the VMXNET3 adapter, once back at the OS you need to reboot again but all is then fine.

This post is purely a warning for anyone doing mass migrations, watch out for the adapters !

I have not had a chance to check any of the other new devices, if you have please let me know.

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  1. Thank you for your hint…
    I used VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0.0 v470252.
    This problem still exist…. since 2009 !
    Cop / VCP4

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