PowerCLI: Comparing Clusters

A simple one-liner for today, I needed to check all our current clusters and ensure all the ‘Production’ clusters were set the same, now we could go to each one and look at the settings but in this wonderful PowerCLI world we live why would you do anything more than once ?

The code is simple:

Get-Cluster | Select Name, * -ExcludeProperty id, CustomFields, ParentId | Sort Name | Out-GridView

The Get-Cluster cmdlet gets all the cluster information and then we simple exclude a few of the items I am not really interested in and then push the output through Out-GridView to display a nice filterable table as below:


Instantly we can see that I have a few discrepancies here which I will need to fix, the same information can also be added to my PowerPack to save us typing the same one-liner over again as seen below:


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