PowerCLI on the iPhone

Well not quite but the next best thing, I have been putting off getting an iPhone for a while now, I have always been a Windows mobile man starting back with one of the first windows mobile devices around, these were always one step ahead of the other phones when it came to the gadgets and things I wanted to do with a phone.

Recently I have been thinking about getting rid of my HTC Topaz (Diamond II) and succumbing to the iPhone geeks in the office, especially when I saw this…

Sapien Technologies are just about to release the latest version of their iPhone app called “iPowerShell 2.0”, this is a great cmdlet reference, much like my pdf but with all the help files and cmdlets in a nice easy accessible application, how cool is that !

Check out the last image “vSphere.PowerCLI.dll” – Yes this means it has a full reference to all PowerCLI cmdlets which you can carry around with you… I wonder how much I will get for my HTC !

imageimage image

Check out the Sapien blog for more information.

14 thoughts on “PowerCLI on the iPhone

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  3. K-MaC

    Hello Dmitry,

    I don’t as of yet have this phone. I need to get it imported as it is not available in the Japanese market as of yet. After I get the phone I’ll be sure to test it all out!

    Thanks for the info.


  4. Dmitry Sotnikov


    Are you asking for PowerGUI MobileShell support for this phone? In this case, could you post the request to the MobileShell forum at http://powergui.org?

    Also, would be great if you actually gave it a try – including mobile Firefox – and posted info about your experience. My feeling is that most likely intellisense will fail but there is still a chance that actual command execution will work.


  5. K-MaC

    Might want to consider the Nokia N900. It is a great phone with a great built in browser. Actually, mozilla just released firefox 1.0 for it! I’m actually wanting to sell my iPhone and pick up one myself.

  6. Virtu-Al

    @Dmitry, will do, P.S. Windows mobile devices now support Opera so hopefully that will work well.

  7. Dmitry Sotnikov

    We might not render well on Windows phone though – browsers in these are normally not so good compared, say, to iPhone. Hopefully, even if intellisense does not work, execution will. Give it a try and please post your experience to the MobileShell forum at http://powergui.org

  8. Virtu-Al

    @Dmitry Yeah that is actually a good idea, I wonder how it works on my Windows phone, better install and try it out !

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