Getting started with the Update Manager Cmdlets

Last night I needed to update some of my hosts with the latest patches that have been released recently, this gave me the ideal opportunity to look at the recently released VMware Update Manager cmdlets for PowerCLI.

For a full list of cmdlets or to download click here.

Whilst upgrading one of my hosts I shot a short video which will take you through some of the basics like:

  • Adding a baseline to a host
  • Scanning the host
  • Listing the patches which will be applied
  • Remediating a host

When watching the video don’t think about how you can do this to a single host, keep in mind that this could be run against multiple hosts or added to the end of a configuration script to ensure your hosts are up to date with the latest security patches after being deployed.

2 thoughts on “Getting started with the Update Manager Cmdlets

  1. Vishal

    Can ESX patching be automated via vpshere c# language, more of like a dev-ops scenario, where we have an interface to do all tis stuff, incead of using scripts

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