Virtu-Al + EMC = Automated vBlocks ?!

EMC Well im not sure about the PowerCLI automated vBlocks as yet but I did want to let my readers know that I (like many others) have now joined EMC working as a vSpecialist in EMEA.

I know this blog is mainly about PowerCLI and I have had a fir few questions about if I will still be blogging and if I will still be using PowerCLI, I wanted to answer these questions… YES !

EMC are a very forward thinking company, you should know that by now, look at there continued delivery of leading products and software, with this being the case they actively encourage blogging and therefore my blog will definitely still be here for a long time yet.

PowerCLI has been my bread and butter for a long time now, its what most people know me for, apart from not being French.  This blog will still include many PowerCLI examples, experiences and updates to my current projects.  Believe me, I have a long list of scripts to write which I have thought of over a log period of time.

I am super excited to be a part of what EMC is doing with the vSpecialist team and hope to update you on more PowerCLI / VMware and EMC articles soon.  I want to make it clear though, any opinions or expressions on my site will by mine alone and not that of EMC, hence the new disclaimer on the right hand side of the site !

Lastly, sorry for the self-publicised article…. normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “Virtu-Al + EMC = Automated vBlocks ?!

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  2. LucD

    We’re sure the “force” is still there. It’s not as if you have joined the dark side after all 😉
    Best of luck in your new job and keep those scripts coming.

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