VMware Session 4: Advanced performance troubleshooting using esxtop

And last in this series of presentations given in London on the 8th October but by no means least is Advanced performance troubleshooting using esxtop, this was an absolutely fantastic presentation by a guy who blew my mind, the best bit was when someone asked him a question and he told the audience member where to find the information on the system and how to decode it from the hex file it was written in – A serious Guru !

Unfortunately there was an issue getting the audio of this session so it looks like we will have to stick with the slide deck but please do not be disappointed as this is 59 deep dive slides on esxtop including some of the new counters only relevant to 4.1, please check it out its great stuff.

If you are interested in esxtop then make sure you also check out these great resources:

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[slideshare id=5729750&doc=advancedperformancetroubleshootingusingesxtop-101110131727-phpapp02]

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