PowerCLI Poster 4.1.1 Print at Home/Office


Yes that’s right, another version of the PowerCLI Poster has been released, the thing about the previous version is that unless you managed to be at VMworld or a VMUG where these were handed out they were not great to print, not everyone has a A0 printer sat on their desk !

This version is complimentary to the large PowerCLI Poster as it is formatted in a more printable style, it is 8 pages or 4 if you print them in duplex and will allow you to print the PowerCLI goodness and keep it in your bag or save it to your iPad as the formatting is great for that.

So if you don’t have the larger poster I suggest you use the following link to download the PDF and spread the PowerCLI loveā€¦.

Also check out the links at the bottom of this poster which will take you to some great getting started videos.


PowerCLI 4.1.1 Print-At-Home-Office

3 thoughts on “PowerCLI Poster 4.1.1 Print at Home/Office

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  2. David

    Hi Alan

    Excellent poster!!! So has no one commented on the spelling error on page 8 for EXTOP, which should be ESXTOP?

    Keep up the excellent work, everyone appreciates it


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