vCheck updated to 6.10

Thanks to all the people who sent me a plugin for vCheck 6.0, these have now been published as part of vCheck 6.10 and zipped into a single download file which can be downloaded from below.  I also love the enhancements which have been sent to me for the core vCheck script, these include a script which times and reports on how long the plugins take – great for troubleshooting !

[wpdm_file id=17]

As always you can find more information about vCheck and how to use this by visiting this page.

Change log

There are now over 70 plugins, some fantastic stuff, below is a list of items which have changed or been fixed since 6.0:

# v 6.10 – Fixed multiple spelling mistakes and small plugin issues
# v 6.9 – Fixed VMKernel logs but had to remove date/Time parser due to inconsistent VMKernel Log entries
# v 6.8 – Added Creator of snapshots back in due to popular demand
# v 6.7 – Added Multiple plugins from contributors – Thanks!
# V 6.6 – Tech Support Mode Plugin fixed to work with 5.0 hosts
# V 6.5 – HW Version plugin fixed due to string output
# V 6.4 – Added a 00 plugin and VeryLastPlugin for vCenter connection info to separate the report entirely from VMware if needed.
# V 6.3 – Changed the format of each Plugin so you can include a count for each header and altered plugin layout for each plugin.
# V 6.2 – Added Time to Run section based on TimeToBuild by Frederic Martin
# V 6.1 – Bug fixes, filter for ps1 files only in the plugins folder so other files can be kept in the plugins folder.


If a plugin is not needed in your environment remove it from the plugins folder as it will speed up the execution of your script.

19 thoughts on “vCheck updated to 6.10

  1. PaulSaunders


    Sorry for the delay in replying… Work 🙂

    I was running PowerCLI5.0.0 I thought this was the latest version as that is the latest version on the vmware download site under vsphere 5, drivers and tools. Wrong!

    For those who are looking for the newer version it can be found on the communities page at

    Thanks for the new 6.15 version, it definitely works better, the issues I mentioned have all been fixed.

    All that is left for now is to define what vcenter rights are needed for each check.

  2. Ron

    Hey Alan;

    Figured out the problem. Seems as though someone had messed with the vCenter and Windows Server 2008 Privileges in between tests. Thx for steering me in the right direction. It’s all good now…

  3. Ron

    Thx for responding, Alan. I am using the same account which is why I’m a little surprised with the output. Strange indeed.

  4. Alan Post author

    Ron, Im not sure what the issue is here, PowerCLI is just a client that hooks into the vSphere API, it shouldn’t matter where you run it from you should get the same results, are you using the same user account each time ?

  5. Ron

    @Alan, hopefully 3rd time’s a charm and you’ll respond in kindness.. :-o)

    There appears to be a limitation when running the script from a VM (that is not the vCenter and) when there is more than 1 Datacenter. Hoping you can either confirm, deny and/ or advise if a workaround exists (if applicable).

    When running vCheck from the VM, I’m only getting results from the Datacenter in which the VM resides. I’d like the Report to return results from all other Datacenters listed within the target $VIServer.

    When running vCheck from the actual vCenter itself or another device, such as a workstation that is not being managed by vCenter, the Report contains all objects from all Datacenters.

    Is what I’m experiencing expected behaviour? If not, is there anything you can suggest that would need to be done to correct this anomaly?


  6. Gregory Andrews


    I’ve been using version 6.0 and now 6.15 of your vCheck program which gives alot of useful information. I wanted to point out to you a bug in the
    Get-Datastores cmdlet which returns the incorrect values for CapacityGB and FreespaceGB. This has caused your Datastores(Less than 50% free) Report to produce inaccurate results in the CapacityGB and FreespaceGB columns(no fault of yours). In fact, it appears that CapacityGB should actually be the value of FreespaceGB and vice versa. The values for CapacityMB and FreespaceMB are correct and can be used to calculate the correct GB solution by dividing by 1024MB. I hope this information is helpful to you.

  7. Alan Post author

    —- vCheck 6.15 released —-

    # v 6.15 – Added Category to all plugins and features to vCheckUtils script for Categorys.
    # v 6.14 – Fixed a bug where a plugin was resetting the $VM variable so later plugins were not working 🙁
    # v 6.13 – Fixed issue with plugins 63 and 65 not using the days
    # v 6.12 – Changed Version to PluginVersion in each Plugin as the word Version is very hard to isolate!
    # v 6.11 – Fixed a copy and paste mistake and plugin issues.

  8. Alan Post author

    Paul, thanks for your comments…

    03, are you running PowerCLI 5.0.1 ? there was a bug with PowerCLI 5.0, try 5.0.1
    50, Thanks, you led me to a bug with a plugin where it was resetting the $VM variable and therefore any plugin after that which referenced VMs was wrong
    71, A new faster version will be included in the next version.

    Next version will be released tonight.

  9. Paul Saunders

    Your script just keeps on getting better. The new v6 script is definitely faster that the previous version (8 minutes instead of 2 hours) and the time taken information is definitely useful…

    I have found a few issues though. 🙁

    03 Datastore information
    This reports the values the wrong way round. Capacity should be bigger than Free space 🙂 Confirmed values using vCenter.

    50 VMs with CPU or Memory Limits Configured.
    For some reason not all VMs are being reported. I know I have 10 – 15 vms with mem limits but the report only gives 1. I have not yet worked out why. If I run just that test, it gives the correct results but not if run as part of all the tests.

    71 Capacity plannig.
    Takes a long time and gives a division by 0 error.

    Also, it would be useful to know what priviledges should be granted to a role and at which level the role/user needs to be applied in vcenter. I want to have a local user on the vCenter server that runs the vCheck and only has priviledges to get the information. I know (now) that I need to grant the role at the top level (otherwise check 44 vkernel warnings reports nothing :), not all 43 vcenter event logs are shown, etc ) but what is the minimum priviledges needed. Maybe it would be useful to add checks within each check to ensure enough priviledges have been granted and warn if insufficient.

    It may be useful if the script reported when starting a test rather than just when its finished, and maybe also which test number (makes it easier to find when you want to remove it).

    Finally, everyone, please keep up the good work

  10. Gert Van Gorp

    Hi Alan,

    Nice job again.

    When I was initiating the 6.10 version I see some param questions come up 2 times
    # Set the number of days to show VMs created for [5]: 7
    # User exception for Snapshot created/removed [ s-veeam]:
    # Set the number of days to show VMs created for [5]: 7
    # User exception for Snapshot created/removed [ s-veeam]: 7

    I think it is a minor issue…


  11. Menesh

    Hi Alan. Thanks. We replicate our servers to a DR site which run’s in 30 min a time. Does the Snapshot Information plugin only check snapshots which are kept for a long period of time. It should not take that long to check 2 days. We only have 30 VM’s.

    Also any update on the sendemail function on vcheck 6.0 and 6.10

  12. Alan Post author

    Manesh, there were more changes to that plugin than just that, if you prefer the old plugin you can always use that in the new version of the script. The new plugin attempts to find the user who created it to, this takes time as it searches back through the logs.

  13. Menesh

    Thanks Alan. On version 6.0 have have the snapshotage set to 7 and it just runs. but on 6.10 it’s set to 2 and it just sits there. Also regarding the Sendemail we still have a issue. We had to revert the send command from version5.0 inorder for us to send the email

  14. Alan Post author

    Manesh, The next one it runs after that is the Snapshot information, this can take a long time if you have lots of snapshots.

  15. Menesh

    The vcheck 6.10 just sits at finshed calculation General Information for a long time. Any ideas?

    I have reverted back to vheck6.0

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