Listing remote Date and Time with PowerShell

Recently I needed to find the remote time of multiple windows servers on the network and compare these, I wrote a quick function that uses WMI to pull this information and return it in a DateTime object format:


The Code

function Get-Time {
			Gets the time of a windows server

			Uses WMI to get the time of a remote server

		.PARAMETER  ServerName
			The Server to get the date and time from

			PS C:\> Get-Time localhost

			PS C:\> Get-Time server01.domain.local -Credential (Get-Credential)

		[Parameter(Position=0, Mandatory=$true)]


	try {
			If ($Credential) {
				$DT = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_LocalTime -ComputerName $servername -Credential $Credential
			} Else {
				$DT = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_LocalTime -ComputerName $servername
	catch {

	$Times = New-Object PSObject -Property @{
		ServerName = $DT.__Server
		DateTime = (Get-Date -Day $DT.Day -Month $DT.Month -Year $DT.Year -Minute $DT.Minute -Hour $DT.Hour -Second $DT.Second)


#Example of using this function
$Servers = "localhost", "dc01.domain.local"

$Servers | Foreach {
	Get-Time $_

Checking for time skew

We can also use this function to easily check for time skew between two machines, the below code is an example where I check my time between a remote host and the local server to see if it is within 30 seconds…

$RemoteServerTime = Get-Time -ServerName "dc01.domain.local"
$LocalServerTime = Get-Time -ServerName "localhost"

$Skew = $LocalServerTime.DateTime - $RemoteServerTime.DateTime

# Check if the time is over 30 seconds
If (($Skew.TotalSeconds -gt 30) -or ($Skew.TotalSeconds -lt -30)){
	Write-Host "Time is not within 30 seconds"
} Else {
	Write-Host "Time checked ok"

5 thoughts on “Listing remote Date and Time with PowerShell”

  1. 1) In fact, if we have a bad connection to remote host we can get diff time and can’t identify the reason – the connection or wrong settings. 2) if we need to specify credential we got the dialog to input password and it takes sec or two – the time will be different. I’m trying to find more accurate way to compare time

  2. I’m trying to use this but can’t get the results to export and ideally email out the results in the body of the email formatted as html? please help?

  3. Just was I needed. Used to check time settings for all machines in a domain after an esx host was added to cluster with incorrect ntp settings

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