4 thoughts on “Still not registered for VMworld?

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  2. Sketch

    Oh no – I’ve been to other VMWorlds – but I won’t go back to SF for a conference that large at the Moscone Center… at least I got to see the Giants the year they won the Series… and a REALLY nice Irish bar – but I’ll go to VMworld Europe before I go back to SF…. its probably cheaper at this point anyway…

  3. Alan Post author

    Having attended last year I can confirm that the issue with leaving a session early to get into another has certainly been fixed, Im not aware of any issues last year.

    Moscone seamed to work very well last year as well, I think we may have taken over a couple more buildings to accommodate the higher numbers.

    Im sorry you had a bad experience, I hope it doesnt turn you off VMworld forever.

  4. Sketch

    I was at the 2010 VMWorld in SF – it was horrible. Every day, I had to leave a session early to go stand in line for another session just to GET IN. I couldn’t learn as much – so it wasn’t worth the expense (not to mention they cheap’d out on the party that year). SF is a great town, but the Moscone Center isn’t the place for 20,000+ people. I DID get to see the Giants play a game at the stadium, and a few other things NOT related to the conference – but overall it was a real stinker. That is why I won’t go back to SF for the conference. The ROI just is not there.

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