VMworld 2013–San Francisco–My View

Another VMworld and I have to say, one of the best I have been too, the level of energy was huge this year at VMworld both for the speakers and the attendees, I think the Software Defined Datacenter is really a message that VMware customers can not only relate to but see how it is coming to fruition.

Of course my highlights at VMworld this year was talking to customers about their automation challenges and helping them by providing solutions and places to research to find better ways to achieve these.  I also spoke to a lot of customers who had already realized a level of automation not only with the great built in automation areas of vSphere but with PowerCLI, VCO, vCOPs and of course vCAC.

I was lucky enough to present many sessions at VMworld and would like to thank anyone who attended them, a record number of people were in my sessions this year and I personally enjoyed presenting to an all time high in one room for me of 1008 people. (Next step is to try and get on stage for the keynote!)

For those wondering, this is what it looks like to face 1008 people waiting for your session to begin….


Top 10 Sessions

And my overall highlight was of course my session with Luc Dekens, “PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive” being recognized in the top 10 VMworld sessions, Luc and I had a blast putting this together, we had far too much content, way too many slides and could have talked easily for 3 hours.  We still managed to condense this enough to squeeze into a 1hr session (well nearly) and from the looks of the comments and the results it was well received.

As this was one of the Top 10 sessions you can watch it on YouTube, a word of warning though…. If you are attending VMworld Barcelona our session will be updated to include better demos and even more awesomeness so make sure you book your seat now here.

Stay tuned for more VMworld content soon.

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