VMworld VMware Code Hackathon to hit Barcelona 2016

NUCs.jpgOne of my most memorable and enjoyable times this year at
VMworld USA was the Hackathon, basically 5 teams of developers and scripters, who had mainly never met each other before were formed and took part in a Hackathon organized by myself, William Lam and the VMware Code team.  These dedicated coders gave up free vendor meals and alcohol (OK well maybe we provided both as well) to essentially come code with us on 5 Intel NUC units we had pre-built with vCenter/ESX and VSAN.

The people who were involved ranged from people just learning to coding ninjas and API experts, that’s what I loved, seeing these people learning and working together was truly awesome!

What was involved?

The 5 teams each individually worked on a project which they had come up with and registered before the event, they ended up producing 5 individual projects which were judged and a winning team was selected.

The projects will soon all be available on github or commits to existing projects so the entire VMware community can benefit.

The projects were varied throughout the VMware product range and are listed below:

  • Team 1 – Worked on a project which provided community health check against the vSphere platform (vCheck Enhancements)
  • Team 2 – Worked on Autoscaling Groups for vSphere
  • Team 3 – Worked on writing vSphere DSC resources for Configuration Management
  • Team 4 – Worked on Visualizing Ops: VMware Telemetry with Snap and Grafana
  • Team 5 – Worked on Using Test Driven Development to validate NSX

I know everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the event whether they were part of a team or just turned up to spectate, drink, eat and heckle.

Sounds like fun, how do I get involved?

Building on the success of the USA hackathon its time for the Europeans to show the US how to really do it, this time the hackathon is bigger and may be better, lets see what teams are proposed!

  1. Be at VMworld Europe on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016, at 18:30. Location and more information on prizes can be found here.
  2. Join the dedicated VMware {code} Slack channel. #hackathon-europe
  3. Read this page and sign up with an idea or join a team

You don’t need to be a coding expert! beginners are welcome to join teams, in the US we even had graphics experts helping create some pictures for updated headers in reports etc!

I can not recommend this enough, sign up now, you may even win one of the NUCs which make an awesome home lab!

Photos from the USA Hackathon

Just to give you an idea of the fun we had check out some of the photos from the VMworld USA Hackathon below:

The setup:

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During the event:

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The attendees:


The winning team with the Judges:


The team I was on (Hack to the future) had time to write a custom function which may have lead us with an advantage if the other teams didn’t change their admin passwords! – Come on it was a hackathon after all!


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  4. vikrant

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us . I have really enjoyed your blog .I wish one day I will be there to attend the event.

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