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Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman are two of the biggest rockstars in the VMware Community, recently they wrote a fantastic book on HA and DRS, this can be downloaded for a fantastic price from here, if you dont have it then you are not a VMware admin !

But wouldn’t it be great if we could have our own little Duncan or Frank to carry around in our pocket and check our clusters out for HA and DRS issues and best practices – Well now you can – no I haven’t created bobble headed characters, instead I have created…..

The HA and DRS Audit Script

This is a script which was created from the best practices and information in the HA and DRS book, run it against your vCenter and it will check your clusters for information in the book, each part will be shown in a nice HTML report and will give you page numbers and information from the book.

This is not to be used as a replacement for the HA and DRS book, quite the opposite, it is used to compliment the book and tells you which pages to look at for information within the book.

So far I have only read the first 50 pages so all the information in V1.0 of the script is related to the first 50 pages but as I read more I will add more checks and update the script.



The Script can be downloaded from here:

[wpdm_package id=’3288′]


The script couldn’t be easier to run, all you need to do is make sure you have PowerCLI up and running and then follow the below video:

Side note:

Some of you may recognise the format from my vCheck script, stay tuned for a new version of vCheck coming soon with some great enhancements

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  3. Kim

    This script expected user to provide the vcenter, username and password via the form. Is it possible to automate the script, schedule it and auto email the report once it is completed? Just like the vCheck.ps1…

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