Workstation/Server Audit

Workstation Server Audit

One thing I wish I had was more time to re-visit my old scripts and re-write them as I often look at my old script and it sends a cold shiver down my spine as I now know a better way of doing things.

As I was away for the weekend and had no internet connection I took my old Audit Script with me, I had a few personal objectives that I wanted to achieve by re-writing this code and I was also asked by a friend who has started to adapt the code into other formats.

So, this is version 3 of the script, you can see how much I have learnt recently as V1 of this script was over 1000 lines, V2 of this script was 847 and now with the new improved code it is a miniscule 459 lines :)

My main objectives for this version of the script were:

  1. Apply my newly learnt PS Skills to optimise the code
  2. Use a HTML format that worked in all browsers
  3. Make the code easy to follow
  4. Make the code easy for other people to produce similar reports of other systems

When you see the code and use the output I hope you will agree I have achieved each of these. The code now works with all browsers I have tested and is very easily customisable.

Check out a screenshot of the output below:


As before this script can be run in two modes, if you run it as it is you will produce an audit of your current machine or if you run it with a path to a text file it will read a list of server names and audit each machine saving a separate html file for each one.


<SMALL RANT> Someone took my last script and removed my name from the code and then posted it as their own code on a powershell site, whilst I do not mind people adjusting and re-using my code, in fact there is nothing better than seeing how other people use my code I would prefer that you at least make a reference to my site or me in your comments.

I have been under certain pressure to start charging for some of my code which I have resisted as I like contributing and making the life of my fellow admins easier, claiming my code as your own is just plain rude.</SMALL RANT>

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