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PowerCLI: More HAL Information

If you have performed Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migrations before you will know about the significance of having the correct Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) installed within the operating system.

Without the correct HAL you may experience a speed decrease or even a hung operating system.

For a single processor VM you will need a Uniprocessor Hal and for a multi (2-8) processor VM you will need a Multiprocessor Hal.

The following one-liner expands on my previous one-liner to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Number of CPUs
  • HAL installed in the OS
  • OS Version
  • OS Service Pack Version

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VMware Converter 4 – Linux Migration Issue

I have been performing a fair few P2Vs recently and came across an interesting issue with VMware vCenter Converter v4.0.0 Build 146302 when virtualising a Redhat 4 server over to our ESX environment.

I’m adding it here as something to keep an eye out for as its not visible straight away so please double check this after your linux migrations.

The issue we had was that after a successful migration through the converter wizard we were unable to access some of our websites hosted on the linux server, I raised this with VMware and after sending them the log files and some nice diagnosis by the linux team where I am currently working it was found that we had issues with the permissions on some of the files and directories on the server. Continue reading