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Welcome to the vCheck Headers page, you will find all headers here.

Additional headers can also be downloaded from this page and added to the vCheck report by right clicking the image and saving it as Header.jpg in the root vCheck folder.

A big thanks to everyone who has submitted a custom header, if you have a header to add to vCheck please email me the file toimage_thumb4







The following header was created by and can be found as part of this post here:


The following header was created by Sean Duffy from Awesome work !


3 thoughts on “vCheck Headers

  1. Jon

    Love the vCheck report!….What if we wanted to get fancy and customize our own header? I can’t seem to get the image to show.

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  3. Phil

    If you want a convenient way to select your header, use the following as the very first plugin – save as

    00 1st Plugin – Select vCheck Header Image.ps1

    $Title = “Select Header Picture”
    $Header =”Select Header Picture”
    $Comments = “User selection of report header”
    $Display = “None”
    $Author = “Phil Randal”
    $PluginVersion = 1.0
    $PluginCategory = “vCheck”

    # Start of Settings
    # Header Picture Filename
    # End of Settings

    # This plugin selects the report header image
    # Expects to find specified Header Image in vcheck\Headers
    # Reverts to default Header.jpg in vCheck Directory if file not found

    ## 1.0 : Quick and dirty hack – must be first plugin run

    $CommandPath = Split-Path ((Get-Variable MyInvocation).Value).MyCommand.Path

    # This is path to plugins directory, so need to go up one level and then to Headers directory

    $HeaderFile = $CommandPath + “\..\Headers\” + $HeaderPicture
    If (!(Test-Path $HeaderFile)) {
    $HeaderFile = $CommandPath + “\..\Header.jpg”

    # Create new Header Image

    $HeaderImg = Get-Base64Image ($HeaderFile)

    # overwrite MyReport with header containing selected pic

    $MyReport = Get-CustomHTML “$Server vCheck”
    $MyReport += Get-CustomHeader0 ($Server)

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