Reported Update 2 Issues (HA)

A few of the forums and other blogs are reporting Problems with Update 2 HA….

Usual issues include:

“insufficient resources to satisfy HA failover level on cluster” and also “unable to contact a primary HA agent in cluster”

The following should help you out:

All hostnames need to be in lower case only.

In Virtualcenter check the following:

  • On each host in the cluster, go to the configuration tab, DNS and routing, hostname, everything needs to be lowercase

On each one of your ESX hosts:

ssh into each host and check lower case names only

  • /etc/hosts lowercase names only
  • /etc/sysconfig/network
  • cat /proc/sys/kernel/hostname if not correct :

hostname <FQDN>

  • after this you can check the settings are correct using

    uname -n

    hostname -a

    hostname -s

    hostname -d

    hostname -f


  • make sure hostname in /etc/vmware/esx.conf is lowercase

    /adv/Misc/HostName = <FQDN in lowercase>

    Once these are checked enable HA on cluster again and cross your fingers.

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