VMware Powershell Competition

I was wondering whether to enter the VMware Powershell competition or not, Looking at the prizes its a no brainer, how cool would it be to go to Vegas for VMworld 2008 ?!, but as you can see from my scripts on this site so far, they are no prize winners.  This is mainly because I am still relatively new to Powershell and still trying to grasp some of the concepts.

So anyway, I thought, what better way to grasp the concepts than to work towards something, so I have decided to work on my script and see how it goes, if it turns out ok then I may enter the comp just for the fun of it, although I’m sure there will be some master PS creators writing some amazing stuff.

So what am I working on ?

I’m working on something that will certainly be quite useful for myself and hopefully others… A VMware reporting script.

This will basically pull out all the config and details of things like your VMs, Hosts, Datastores, Clusters, Networks etc and put them directly into a nicely formatted Word document, I may even through in a few graphs for good measure to show top 10 Utilised VM’s and hosts, maybee a few pie charts to show how much room is left on the datastores ?!

If you think this is a good idea please let me know, just so I know I am not wasting my time ! and if you can think of anything else to put in there also please let me know – all ideas appreciated.

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