VI Export Script – Whats next

I have had some great comments so far on my script, so I thought I would start thinking about the next version, let me know what you want.

So far…….

An Index page with linkable subjects to the following:


Virtual Center

-> Cluster information

-> Resource Pool information

-> Snapshot information

-> Vlan Information

Esx Hosts

-> Host Information

-> Host Configuration

-> -> Hardware

-> -> Processor

-> -> Memory

-> -> Storage

-> -> Networking

-> -> Storage Adapters

-> -> Network adapters


-> Licensed features

-> Time Configuration

-> DNS and Routing

-> Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown

-> Virtual machine Swapfile Location

-> Security Profile

-> System resource Allocation

Virtual Machines

-> Vm information Client folder X (name,os,cpu,mem,disk,tools version,power,discr.)

-> Vm information Client folder Y name,os,cpu,mem,disk,tools version,power,discr.)

-> Vm information Client folder Z (name,os,cpu,mem,disk,tools version,power,discr.)


-> Datastore information

Options to run the script:

Report.ps1 virtalcenterserver /All

Report.ps1 virtalcenterserver /only VC and ESX Host configuration

Report.ps1 virtalcenterserver /only vms in map X

Thanks to Greetz for the ideas.

2 thoughts on “VI Export Script – Whats next

  1. Virtu-Al

    Aaron, Not updated as yet but its on my list (just keeps getting pushed down) I think I may integrate it into the VESI, would you prefer this or rather use it as a standalone script ?

  2. Aaron

    Hey Al,
    I was wondering if you had updated your Report script recently? I love some of the options listed above. If not, is there a product that you would recommend that would get some of the info above?

    Keep up the great work. See you around the Twittersphere

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