Last minute entry…Its great !

A last minute entry has just come into the VMware PowerShell Comp and its very good….

This script will generate 2 .txt file reports based on your virtual environment.

The first report (report.txt) includes resource utilization across all Clusters including CPU and Memory usage for the cluster as a whole as well as each individual ESX host.
It will also list the VM to Host Ratio for the cluster.

The latter portion of the report includes an overview of total Datastore space allocated to the environment as well as space available and the amount of space used by powered off VMs.

The first report finishes off with a listing of all datastores with details on available space, capacity and % used.The second report is a hotlist (hotlist.txt which includes VM’s that are using, on average, more than 75% of their allocated memory.

It also includes hosts that are using more than 75% of their Memory or CPU.
It continues by listing datastores with less than 10% of their capacity available.
Finally it pulls WARNING messages from each ESX host’s VMKernel log since the beginning of the previous day.

The first report (report.txt) is designed to bring a high level view of the environment for reporting purposes as well as for making decisions on where additional resources may need to be allocated on a cluster level.
It is particularly useful for providing numbers up the chain of command without needing to pore through Virtual Center collecting data.

The second report is useful from a health check standpoint. It automatically identifies vm’s and hosts that are running hot to give an analyst an idea of where they may need to look into problems.

The datastore report is useful for determining ahead of time when additional storage needs to be allocated and where it should be used. Perhaps the most useful part of the report is the ESX logs. It’s a single place for analysts to watch for early signs of issues that may not be apparent when just using Virtual Center.

The script is a perfect item to run at the beginning of the day before heading down the hall to grab a cup of coffee.

Check it out here

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