ESX4 in Workstation 6.5.1

I had tried this already as I don’t have any spare hardware at the moment but I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Eric, our test systems will live on !

A few weeks ago I filled a support request, because I couldn’t start a virtual machine on ESX4 while ESX4 was hosted on Workstation 6.5.0. ESX4 kept crashing at 95% during the VM Power On. An anonymous source just brought me up-to-date and whispered the following:

The WS 6.5 bug you noted earlier has been fixed. You will be able to run nested VMs under ESX 4.0 under WS 6.5.1, subject to the usual caveats (hardware virtualization has to be supported on your host for running the outer guest, and the inner guest is restricted to 32-bits). I can’t comment on release schedules, but it is only a dot-dot release, so it can’t be too far off.

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