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vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide – Available in Europe

Quick Start GuideThe vSphere Quick Start Guide is doing well, I don’t think we will quite take the Christmas Number 1 best seller slot but still, thanks to anyone who has purchased the book so far and a bigger thanks if you have left us a review or published a blog post, its always good to hear how people are finding the book.

After the release I had a few questions about when it would be released on the UK Amazon site, it seams that apart from sharing their name, these two sites do not have anything to do with each other, one would assume that once it was published on the US site it would soon make its way over to the UK site, that doesn’t seam to be the case.

Do not despair, we have now released it via LULU, a self publication site, you can now purchase the book and have it delivered very quickly from here for just…

£12.53 – no I am not missing a 0, that is correct, what a bargain price !

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vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide is here


Its here, I’m an author, watch out JK Rowling !

Its been a while coming but the vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide is now available to buy on Amazon (US), we are working at getting it on the UK site but I’m just pleased to see it out there and available to buy.

This book is a co-authored publication bought to you from some of the leading names in VMware bloggers and admins, and they also asked me to contribute too 🙂

The book is designed for you to carry around with you, its not a heavy duty full novel but more of a VMware admins help book which can be referred to when you are in the damp dark datacenter at 4am in the morning with no internet connection !

Having said that there is definitely something in there for everyone, whether you are new to VMware or a seasoned Pro.

Throughout the book you will find great tips, real life situations and numerous PowerCLI examples.

If you haven’t yet heard of this book then please read these wonderful comments already left on the Amazon post.

If you have read it then please, leave your comments along with the others.

Buy your copy now ! in fact buy two !

vSphere 4.0 Quickstart Guide


For a while now I have been writing a book with a number of other people from the VMware community:

This book has been designed to be an affordable pocket size book, ideal for quick tips and how-to’s and of course it is full with PowerCLI examples for each of the tasks showing how PowerCLI is useful in every area of the virtual infrastructure.

The book is not available at the moment, we are still adding some final touches but please keep an eye out on my blog or if you are at VMWorld later this month you should be able to grab a copy.

For more information about this book check out Duncan’s blog post here

ESX4 in Workstation 6.5.1

I had tried this already as I don’t have any spare hardware at the moment but I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Eric, our test systems will live on !

A few weeks ago I filled a support request, because I couldn’t start a virtual machine on ESX4 while ESX4 was hosted on Workstation 6.5.0. ESX4 kept crashing at 95% during the VM Power On. An anonymous source just brought me up-to-date and whispered the following:

The WS 6.5 bug you noted earlier has been fixed. You will be able to run nested VMs under ESX 4.0 under WS 6.5.1, subject to the usual caveats (hardware virtualization has to be supported on your host for running the outer guest, and the inner guest is restricted to 32-bits). I can’t comment on release schedules, but it is only a dot-dot release, so it can’t be too far off.

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Microsoft – Just plain nasty

OK, until now I have had respect for Microsoft, I have just read this article and a few others and I have to say, that’s completely below the belt, they are resulting to nasty underhand tactics to try and steal the virtualisation market.

Just proves that they cant do it with there software which is more comparable to VMware workstation than VI.

I cant wait for VI4 to come out and really kick some butt.

Rant over !

I would be interested in what your thoughts are on this subject.

Its coming…VI4

Looks like VI4 is on the horizon and coming soon, there is a beta out there at the moment for a select few, some new features include:

  • 64bit kernel and console operating system (COS)
  • clustered VirtualCenter Servers
  • ESX hosts profile management
  • cross-hosts virtual networking
  • 8-way virtual SMP
  • virtual machines fault tolerance across multiple hosts (the famous Continuous Availability presented last year)
  • VMs and media library
  • alarms on physical hardware faults
  • access control on storage resources
  • configuration change tracking
  • full support for SATA local storage

Read more information here