Reservations / Limits and Shares

Apparently when performing a Virtual Center upgrade from ‘2.5 Update 1’ to ‘Update 2’ caused some issues when someone on twitter upgraded, It gave some of the attached Virtual machines reservations and limits that did not exist before, this obviously caused a few problems, especially to the machines that had more memory allocated than was limited.
I was asked if there was a way to extract all the Limit/Reservation information from Virtual Center, the following script does just that, into a nice csv file which can be loaded into excel and sorted as needed…..
$Filename = "C:\MyInformation.csv"
Connect-VIServer MYSERVER
$myCol = @()
Foreach ($VM in (Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine |Sort Name)){
	$MYInfo = "" |select-Object VMName,CPUReservation,CPULimit,CPUShares,MEMSize,MEMReservation,MEMLimit,MEMShares
	$MYInfo.VMName = $VM.Name
	$MYInfo.CPUReservation = $VM.Config.CpuAllocation.Reservation
	If ($VM.Config.CpuAllocation.Limit-eq "-1"){
		$MYInfo.CPULimit = "Unlimited"}
		$MYInfo.CPULimit = $VM.Config.CpuAllocation.Limit
	$MYInfo.CPUShares = $VM.Config.CpuAllocation.Shares.Shares
	$MYInfo.MEMSize = $VM.Config.Hardware.MemoryMB
	$MYInfo.MEMReservation = $VM.Config.MemoryAllocation.Reservation
	If ($VM.Config.MemoryAllocation.Limit-eq "-1"){
		$MYInfo.MEMLimit = "Unlimited"}
		$MYInfo.MEMLimit = $VM.Config.MemoryAllocation.Limit
	$MYInfo.MEMShares = $VM.Config.MemoryAllocation.Shares.Shares
	$myCol += $MYInfo
$myCol |Export-csv -NoTypeInformation $Filename

2 thoughts on “Reservations / Limits and Shares

  1. Gabrie

    Hi Alan,

    It was not caused by the ESX u3 update but the Virtual Center upgrade from 2.5u1 to u2.

    Thanks for the script it was very helpful.


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