The Frenchman in Cannes

In one of the VMTN Round table podcasts I was mistakenly taken for a Frenchman as my last name is Renouf and I guess this sounds French to the Americans, whilst I haven’t found a way to re-pay John Troyer for this mistake yet I certainly will.

It would seem that at VMworld I was recognised as ‘The Frenchman’ rather than the guy who writes PowerShell scripts or the guy from the UK, I was expecting this after the multiple blog posts which have been added by people stating that I was French.  I decided to go prepared and the below is the sum of my payback !



And last but by no means least, the man who first blogged that I was French…. VMGURU


I have to say though my favourite comment through the whole of VMworld about my nationality was below…


3 thoughts on “The Frenchman in Cannes

  1. Virtu-Al

    I don’t just give them out to anyone you know, and you were my first (but not my last)

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