VI Toolkit voted Number 1

In a recent VMTN Round table podcast we were asked what our predictions would be for 2009, mine was “Automation of VMware Products”,  after visiting VMWorld Europe 2009 in Cannes it would seam that my prediction was coming true.

Whilst there I attended ‘TA01 – Managing VMware With PowerShell’ presented by Carter Shanklin (VI Toolkit Product Manager), one of the developer of the VI toolkit and also Dennis Zimmer (CTO of Icomasoft).

The session firstly took us through how the VI Toolkit could be used for automating the administration and reporting of VMware ESX, Carter gave great examples and showed the attendees how easy it was to get started and gave some nice one-liner examples of common issues when managing multiple VM’s, host, networks and storage.

This was then followed by a demo from Carter and one the VI Toolkit developers where they showed how easy it was to get more granular with reporting and alerts within the VMware infrastructure.

Carter constantly let the audience know how important and useful the community was to the VI Toolkit and PowerShell itself, he gave example websites to visit including the great and another blog which you may recognise from a picture below….


After this he handed over to Dennis Zimmer from Icomasoft who has produced a great application which ties directly into virtual center and allows you to run scripts from various areas and incorporate the use of locational object based input, an amazing product, during this demo he showed how easy it was to take an existing community script (one of mine) and use this directly from the VI Client….


The session was so popular that people were turned away from a crowded room with no more space to host them, this happened to both of the sessions on both the Tuesday and Wednesday.   It was not a surprise to me that the session was voted Number 1 session at VMworld and was repeated again on the Thursday to no doubt yet another jam packed room !


I just want to pass on my congratulations to Carter and team for a great session and I am looking forward to the next 6 months which I’m sure will have big things in store for the VI Toolkit as more and more people become interested.

Update 08/03/09:

Eric Sloof, the undercover reporter has managed to grab the whole session on video, see below.  If you have not yet visited Erics site @ I would check it out as he has some great coverage of VMWorld.


TA01 – Managing VMware With PowerShell from Eric Sloof NTPRO.NL on Vimeo.

Part 1

TA01 – Managing VMware With PowerShell Part I from Eric Sloof NTPRO.NL on Vimeo.

Part 2

TA01 – Managing VMware With PowerShell Part II from Eric Sloof NTPRO.NL on Vimeo.


Also worth watching is Eric’s interview with Dennis….

Interview with Dennis Zimmer, founder icomasoft from Eric Sloof NTPRO.NL on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “VI Toolkit voted Number 1

  1. Wes Stahler

    Thanks for sharing this Alan. Will show to our VM guys. Your post demonstrates again how the VM community not only embraces PowerShell but serve as evangelist. Awesome stuff!

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  3. John Troyer

    I think PowerShell VI people are having more fun than anybody else in all of tech right now. Right tool, right time, unlimited possibilities and making the world a better place through scripting!

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