The Virtualization EcoShell Initiative

Using powershell to manage applications is no new thing, Microsoft are pushing things that way with the release of Exchange 2007 where everything in the GUI is pushed back down to the powershell console and completed there.

So, Imagine if you could do that with VMware products, how amazing would that be !

Building on the success of PowerGui it looks like dreams may come true soon as VMGuru and team have been working on a new product which will take the power of the already successful PowerGUI and enhance this to bring even more powershell goodness to the virtual arena.

VMGuru talks about this over on his blog check it out here

” I can now officially announce that I am branching the PowerGUI code base (Hey, why start from scratch when I’ve got something phenomenal already) and will be giving the dedicated attention to virtualization management using PowerShell and the VMware Toolkit for Windows (VITK).  To read more about my open community initiative to drive this technology and learn more about the project, make sure you visit my new website  The best part of all, it’s complete free of charge.  No limits on environment size, no ripping away almost all of the real functionality after 30 days, it’s simply…Free. ”

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