The VESI is on its way

Whilst at VMworld Europe 2009 I managed to get a sneak preview of the VESI, if you are unsure what this is then please check my previous post here.   Judging by the interest of the Vizioncore stand and the fact that Scott Herold was looking rather tired at the end of each day I am sure this product is going to AMAZING.

I managed to capture a few sneaky pics of the vDiagram portion of the app and let me tell you, if you liked my original script then you are in for a treat when they release this app, as you can see below they have added more features, nicer shapes and a whole can of kick ass in the process.



Seriously, when this is released it is going to be installed on every VI admin’s desktop and is going to bring people who want need the power of PowerShell and the VI Toolkit all the benefits with none of the work, I am genuinely excited about this (can you tell !).

If this has wet your appetite then visit and read more, also for a deeper look into the product in its infancy check out the Video recorded at VMworld and blogged on VMGURU’s site below.

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