Unofficial Online VMware User Group

I have mentioned this to a few people now and recently performed a survey on my site to see if people would be interested, the results were very good, thanks to all who gave me feedback.


Based on your feedback I would like to announce the first Unofficial Online VMware User Group.

The Agenda at the moment is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation and Demonstration of The Virtualization EcoShell Initiative by Scott Herold
  • Virtual Coffee break (bring your own coffee)
  • Overview and Demonstration of vSphere new features by a VMware Employee
  • Finish and details of next Unofficial Online VMUG

This meeting is being hosted over Microsoft Live meeting, if you have not installed the client it is recommended you do this 15 mins before the meeting. 

Video:  Video will be delivered via the Microsoft Live Meeting client.
Audio:  For attendees, audio will be delivered via the Internet using your computer’s speakers. There will not be a call-in number for this meeting.

The meeting will also be recorded for people who are unable to attend.


Meeting Details:

Date: 1st June 2009

Time: 08:00 PM GMT / 03:00 PM EDT

Meeting URL:

Meeting ID:  QP5K5Q

Attendee Entry Code:  8^-\zqX

Registration Link:

11 thoughts on “Unofficial Online VMware User Group”

  1. @Erik Jongkind
    Thanks Erik. My team and I each spend upwards of 90 hours a week in some cases making it so other admins can be as lazy as possible, and we’re happy to do it! We know our customers’ true motivation 😉


  2. Thanks a lot Alan for making this happen.

    Really enjoyed the EcoShell part and it’s changed my view on how easy it can be used. (sysadmins are lazy afterall 🙂 )

    I’ll be there surely for the next one. Keep it up.


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