Icomasoft: PowerCLI Reference Card

icomasoft PowerCLI I have just had an email from the guys at icomasoft letting me know they have released a PowerCLI Reference Card much like my reference card release earlier this year, this is in a real nice PDF format and has some powershell basics as well as the PowerCLI cmdlet references and examples.


This looks like a great sheet to download and keep with you for reference, its a 4 page doc which covers an awful lot of information.

Information included is:

  • PowerShell Basics
  • PowerCLI Installation
  • Community Extensions
  • Connect VI Server
  • VMware ESX Commands
  • Storage Commands
  • Task Information
  • Logs & Stats
  • Network Commands
  • Cluster Commands
  • Reporting
  • Virtual Machine Commands
  • Update Manager
  • Provision VMs
  • DataCenter Commands
  • Resource Pool Commands
  • Sort, Filter & Format
  • Migration Commands
  • Invoke-VMScript
  • icomasoft VI PowerScripter Commands

Head over to the icomasoft site to download this and why not try out there great PowerCLI plugin software while you are there.

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