UKVMUG: PowerCLI Presentation/Class

Last week at the UK London VMware User Group they tried something different, in the UKVMUG forums there had been a few threads from people interested in learning more about the VI toolkit or as it is now known PowerCLI.

I was contacted by one of the UKVMUG leaders and asked if I would be interested in giving a presentation/class for an hour before the normal UKVMUG for those who were interested in learning… I jumped at the chance as love to pass on my experiences and show people the easy way to learn both PowerShell and PowerCLI as there are a few shortcuts and things I have learnt over the past 6 months.

Initially I was told this would probably be around 5-10 people, this quickly grew and turned out to be around 30 people, not a bad crowd if I do say so myself ! (If you were there please leave me a comment on this post with any feedback (good or bad)).

I totally ran out of time and have been asked to do a more advanced session next time now we all know the basics, something I am really looking forward to.

All in all I really enjoyed the session, all questions were answered and there was a great bunch of people there, after my session there was a great VMUG with some really interesting subjects and loads of community based people attending including the great Tom Howarth, vStu, Daniel Eason, Jonathan Medd, Steve Chalmbers, Kiwi Si, Rob Upham and many many more.

As promised to the people in the session and to the people who couldn’t make the session below is my material:

The Slide Show

This is short as I mainly gave demo’s and talked through the content:

The Demo Script

The demo script I took people through can be downloaded below:

I used the Powershell Start-Demo script V3 which can be downloaded from here:

Also during the session Tom Howarth was walking around with his digital recorder, I believe he is still doing his Steven Spielberg bit on it but as soon as it is online I will link to it.

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