New PowerCLI Blogger

Anyone who has ever wondered how to do anything in PowerCLI and added a question to the PowerCLI community will know the name LucD or if you are on twitter, LucD22or if you were at VMWorld you will have seen the man in person presenting “TA2650 – Taking PowerCLI to the next level” together with Hal Rottenberg

After much peer pressure and beating with large sticks, Luc has started a blog, if his help on the communities is anything to go by you will know that this blog is surely to be a great place for PowerCLI and PowerShell knowledge in general.

So go over to Luc’s Blog now and add him to your RSS feeder, there are already a couple of nice posts on there explaining some of what happened at VMWorld and I cant wait for the future posts.

Dont forget he has also appeared a couple of times on this blog, giving very complex and informative posts.

Go now, stop reading this !

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