vTip – A VMware Expert updating your VI

We have all seen the message of the day setting which allows you to alter what you would like to tell your colleagues today and other than the normal fun type messages I have never seen it put to good use.  (Yes I know this is used to tell people that a host is being managed by a VI).

So you could stick with your normal messages….

Fake Message

Or you could put it to use, how would you like a vExpert, no a vGuru, no a vGod to update your Message of the Day, giving you tips and help each day and helping you along the path to virtual enlightenment ?  Well now you can.

Jason Boche has recently announced his vCalendar which is a great daily calendar with tip for each day, there is also a blog widget and netvibes or Google widget for this too, so my script takes these wonderful daily tips and adds them to a place we all visit on a daily basis…. The Virtual Infrastructure Client.

Now you can be taught a daily message by the vMan himself.

Message of the Day

The script should work in most cases apart from those companies that have complex proxy servers. – Hope it works for you !

Don’t forget to set it up as a scheduled task to run at 00:01 every night and update your VI with the next vTip.

Function vTip {
    $proxyAddr = (get-itemproperty 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings').ProxyServer
    $proxy = new-object System.Net.WebProxy
    $proxy.Address = $proxyAddr
    $proxy.useDefaultCredentials = $true

    $webClient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
    $webadd = "http://www.printedowl.com/CalendarNetvibeGadget.aspx?id=boche&render=1"
    $webClient.proxy = $proxy

    trap [System.Management.Automation.MethodInvocationException]{ Continue}

    $RAWTip = $webClient.DownloadString($webadd)

    if ($RAWTip -eq $null){
        $DailyTip = $null
    Else {
        $DailyTip = $RAWTip -replace "[`r`n]",'' -replace '^.*<!-- google_ad_section_start -->(.*)<!-- google_ad_section_end -->.*$','$1'



$Message = VTip

# Dont forget to change the below line to connect to your VI

$UpdateMessage = Get-View -Id SessionManager

Or if your like me and do most of your work from the PowerCLI console you could remove the last 5 lines and add it to your PowerShell profile:


13 thoughts on “vTip – A VMware Expert updating your VI

  1. Paul


    How would I use your script to create my own updates. What format does the updates have to be in.

    Any help \ advice would be appreciated.


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  3. Dave

    has something changed to the page, all this script produces now is the google ad publication id string. pub-8048403148

  4. Ryan Melton

    it would be nice if you could target the message of the day based on the vCenter role.

    Virtual Center Administrator role would get info from Jason’s vCalendar.
    Virtual Machine User role may get a message saying “Contact Help Desk @ 555-1234 for assistance”

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