Now everyone can contribute to vCheck

After making the recent changes to vCheck I was astounded by the amount of responses I received and the help that the community has put back into this script, I am constantly receiving new plugins and code fixes for the existing plugins.

In fact I receive so many that I am unable to add them back into the script and update it to the latest version as believe it or not – I have a day job and a family to entertain at night Winking smile

So what to do?

I didn’t want all these great additions getting lost and also I didn’t want duplication of people fixing the same issues all the time so I wanted an easy way for people to contribute and still have the script easily available for everyone to download and benefit from.

Enter GitHub

I have now uploaded the script to Github where we can easily control the contributions and code changes to vCheck and ensure everyone still gets credit for the work they put in.  From now on you will be able to download the latest version of the vCheck for vSphere script from here, you can also contribute your plugins, edit the code and we will check it back in as updated.

This gives a great way to contribute back to the community whilst having the latest and fastest code and additions easily.

Thanks to everyone who has already made changes and to everyone who will make changes in the future. Jonathan Medd has recently made some changes and has a blog post here which shows how you can easily contribute.

Also, expect to see the other versions of vCheck added on their soon.

Download the latest version of vCheck

Go to this site:

Click the “Download Zip” button as shown in the below image

Now follow the video on the vCheck page to set up the vCheck script.


4 thoughts on “Now everyone can contribute to vCheck

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  2. tom

    you should clarify in the readme that downloading the master zip file is always the most current most up to date version 🙂

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