Horizon Mirage joins the PowerCLI club

VMware Horizon Mirage is a product in VMware’s EUC range of products that manage images across physical desktops and point of service devices. It uses something called layers to simplify OS and application rollouts. With Mirage, devices are separated into logical layers that can be controlled by the admin or end users. Admins can streamline OS and application layer updates, and end users can keep their personalized settings. Horizon Mirage enables quick OS updates and migrations, application upgrades, and hardware upgrades. Admins can also quickly enroll new PCs with bare metal provisioning.

This has historically been managed via a MMC style console and recently a web interface but new to this product from VMware Horizon Mirage 5.1 is its integration into PowerCLI and the ability of PowerCLI Cmdlets.  The Cmdlets are installed where you would install the Mirage Management Console, normally this is on the Administrators workstation.  Once installed you can connect to the Mirage Server and use the cmdlets to work with Mirage.

Download Mirage and Mirage PowerCLI here: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/details?productId=407&downloadGroup=MIRAGE-510


Name Synopsis
Apply-MirageOsMigration This cmdlet applies download only migrations.
Archive-MirageCvd This cmdlet archives the CVD.
Connect-MirageServer This cmdlet configures a connection to the Mirage API server.
Disconnect-MirageServer Disconnects from the Mirage server.
Get-MirageAppLayer This cmdlet returns the app layers from the Mirage system.
Get-MirageBaseLayer This cmdlet returns the base layers from Mirage system.
Get-MirageCvd This cmdlet returns the CVDs from Mirage system.
Get-MirageCvdCollection This cmdlet retrieves the collections from the Mirage system.
Get-MirageOsMigration This cmdlet retrieves the download only migrations from the Mirage system.
Get-MiragePendingDevice This cmdlet retrieves the pending devices from Mirage system.
Get-MiragePolicy This cmdlet retrieves the policies from the Mirage system.
Get-MirageVolume This cmdlet retrieves the volumes from the Mirage system.
New-MirageCvd This cmdlet creates a new CVD with the specified policy and volume in the Mirage sytstem.
New-MirageOsMigration This cmdlet migrates CVD with the specified base layer, app layer and related info in the Mirage system.
Remove-MirageCvd This cmdlet removes the CVD.
Set-MirageCvd This cmdlet updates the CVD with the specified policy.
Sync-MirageCvd This cmdlet synchronizes the CVD’s device information.




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