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vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide is here


Its here, I’m an author, watch out JK Rowling !

Its been a while coming but the vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide is now available to buy on Amazon (US), we are working at getting it on the UK site but I’m just pleased to see it out there and available to buy.

This book is a co-authored publication bought to you from some of the leading names in VMware bloggers and admins, and they also asked me to contribute too 🙂

The book is designed for you to carry around with you, its not a heavy duty full novel but more of a VMware admins help book which can be referred to when you are in the damp dark datacenter at 4am in the morning with no internet connection !

Having said that there is definitely something in there for everyone, whether you are new to VMware or a seasoned Pro.

Throughout the book you will find great tips, real life situations and numerous PowerCLI examples.

If you haven’t yet heard of this book then please read these wonderful comments already left on the Amazon post.

If you have read it then please, leave your comments along with the others.

Buy your copy now ! in fact buy two !

VMware Converter – VMXNET3 Issue

How do you move your VMs from one vCenter to another ?

Today whilst moving a few VMs from my test vCenter server to my Non Production vCenter server I hit upon an issue with VMware converter, this is just a warning so you do not have the same issue.

I used VMware Converter (Latest version at this time: 4.0.1 build-161434) to move the VMs, as I have a thousand times before, but the machines in question was actually a Hardware Version 7 VM with a VMXNET3 network adapter, moving from ESX4 U1 to ESX 4U1.  I have to say VMware Converter really is a great tool, I use it for many tasks from growing disks to P2Vs and the fact it is free is fantastic.

When going through the wizard Converter clearly found the VM as Hardware Version 7 as seen below… Continue reading

Scripted Install and Configuration of Dell OpenManage Client

I have installed a fair few Dell Open manage client’s on our ESX hosts to give us the nice hardware monitoring of the Dell Open Manage software, I have just found an easier way to install it here at the Dell Tech center.  

This script will install and configure the OMSA agent on VMware ESX 3.x. It will also configure the SNMP settings, and open the default ports in the firewall to allow communication.

If you’ve never installed OMSA on ESX, don’t start with this script ! Read this piece of documentation first, “Installing Dell OpenManage in a VMware ESX Server Software Environment”.

Then once you have a grasp of the steps necessary, you can use this script as a standalone, or integrate it as part of your standard installation procedures.

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