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Veeam backup and Replication V4

Ok, backups, the bain of my life, I remember in a previous role we had to split this job, each of us doing a one week rota on backups as they should be the kind of thing that you run and everything is fine, but did they ever work ? No.

Anyway enough about my hate of backups and tape library’s etc, time for the cool stuff that changed my mind !

Veeam are a company of “firsts”, there is nothing Ricky El-Qasem from Veeam likes telling you more than how Veeam have done something first and to be honest I couldn’t agree more, they do always seem to have the latest of technologies in their software, the first people to use the latest features or to make things easier.

Veeam backup and replication has always been a great product and with the latest version the have done it again, there are many “firsts” in there again, mostly to do with the way the backups and restores are performed by totally slashing the time using vSphere’s new “vStorage API’s” technology. Continue reading