Veeam backup and Replication V4

Ok, backups, the bain of my life, I remember in a previous role we had to split this job, each of us doing a one week rota on backups as they should be the kind of thing that you run and everything is fine, but did they ever work ? No.

Anyway enough about my hate of backups and tape library’s etc, time for the cool stuff that changed my mind !

Veeam are a company of “firsts”, there is nothing Ricky El-Qasem from Veeam likes telling you more than how Veeam have done something first and to be honest I couldn’t agree more, they do always seem to have the latest of technologies in their software, the first people to use the latest features or to make things easier.

Veeam backup and replication has always been a great product and with the latest version the have done it again, there are many “firsts” in there again, mostly to do with the way the backups and restores are performed by totally slashing the time using vSphere’s new “vStorage API’s” technology.

Another great feature from Veeam is that now they have PowerShell cmdlets for V4, imagine being able to kick a backup job off before a important import or script running, imagine being able to script the adding and removal of jobs, imagine no longer, as you can see from the below cmdlet list they have done a great job with 34 cmdlets for you to script with.

Cmdlet Information
Add-VBRESX Add ESX server
Add-VBRBackupJob Create a backup job
Add-VBRReplicaJob Create a replica job
Add-VBRLinux Add Linux server
Add-VBRVCenter Add VirtualCenter server
Add-VBRCopyJob Add a File Copy job (FastSCP)
Get-VBRJobDestination Get destination remote or local
Get-VBRJob Get job list
Get-VBRJobOptions Get additional backup job settings
Get-VBRReplicaJobs Get additional replica job settings
Get-VBRJobSchedule Job Schedule
Get-VBRJobVSSOptions Backup Consistency VSS
Get-VBRJobRestorePoints Get restore point
Get-VBRServers Get hosts list.
Remove-VBRJob Remove the job
Remove-VBRServer Remove a server.
Set-VBRESX Set ESX server options you want to work with to Veeam Backup and FastSCP.
Set-VBRESXi Set ESXi server options you want t o work with to Veeam Backup and FastSCP.
Set-VBRBackupJob Edit a backup job
Set-VBRJobOptions Edit additional backup job settings.
Set-VBRReplicaJob Set a replica job
Set-VBRJobSchedule Job Schedule
Set-VBRJobVssOptions Backup Consistency
Set-VBRLinux Set the job Linux server options
Set-VBRRestoreVM Restore VM
Set-VBRRestoreVMFiles Restoring VM Files: VMX, VMDK, etc
Set-VBRVCenter Set VirtualCenter server
Start-VBRGuestFileRestore Start file restore
Start-VBRJob Start the job
Start-VBRReplicaFailover Start the replica
Stop-VBRGuestFileRestore Stop file restore
Stop-VBRJob Stop the job
Stop-VBRReplicaFailover Stop the replica

3 thoughts on “Veeam backup and Replication V4

  1. Gabrie

    NiTRo :
    Imagine being able to turn off Fault Tolerance before backup

    Think that would be the wrong way to go. They’d better make FT machines snapshotable.

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