The turtle has landed: The VES is here

vesilogo We have been waiting for a while, I have blogged about ‘The Virtualisation EcoShell Initiative’ and also shared some more images and a video in ‘The VESI is on its way’.

Today the turtle has landed and the Virtualisation EcoShell is now available for public beta, so if you are keen to use the power of the VI Toolkit but without delving into PowerShell then head over to the Virtualisation EcoShell Initiative site to learn more and grab the beta release of this program.

To find out more information about the VES Scott Herold has talked about this product to Jonathan Medd and I over on the latest episode of the Get-scripting Podcast and also talked to Hal and Jonathan on the PowerScripting Podcast.

Watch out for the new html reporting feature (vReport), the reports are both extensive and easily customisable with a great output:

VirtualCenter Report

Host Report

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