VESI & PowerGUI PowerPack V3

V3 Nodes

The popularity of this PowerPack never ceases to amaze me, as if it wasn’t enough to have more than 2500 downloads already it was also mentioned by the great Eric Sloof at the recent Dutch VMUG, check out a video of the session here (if you speak Dutch) or check out his slide deck here.

So, I have been working on V3 of the PowerPack and have just finished the final touches.

What’s new ?

To be honest I cant remember everything that is new but as you can see from the left hand node list there are a fair few new nodes which may help in your day to day admin life.

I have not only added my own enhancements but also included a bunch of bug fixes, (thanks Arnim and Luc) and also included some other scripts from Arne over at

I have re-organised some of the nodes so when you add the latest PowerPack you will receive a prompt like the below:


Make sure you click yes to re-organise the nodes into the new areas.

I have also made a dependency on PowerCLI V4.0 Update 1 so if you do not have that version installed then please install it before upgrading to the latest PowerPack, you will not need vSphere 4.0 U1 as PowerCLI 4.0U1 is backward compatable.

In the latest version of PowerCLI VMware have made the connection methods a million times better, if you look at the code you will now see how easy it is to paste your new code into the nodes and create your own enhancements.

So what’s next for V4 ?  More of the same great scripts, more enhanced nodes, a move towards more actions and less nodes, and I am also thinking about opening this up as a community project, we can all add our own scripts to the PowerPack as a community effort and make this THE ULTIMATE FREE TOOL to have when administering or consulting VMware systems, express your interest via the comments please.

If your not a scripter but would like to see something in the PowerPack to make your life easier also please let me know via the comments.

Use the automatic update feature or download the new version now from below.


Alan Renouf has a role of Automation Frameworks Product Manager at VMware responsible for providing the architects and operators of the cloud infrastructure with the toolkits/frameworks and command-line interfaces they require to build a fully automated software-defined datacenter. Alan is a frequent blogger at and has a personal blog at You can follow Alan on twitter as @alanrenouf.

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14 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    I just installed this today and it’s quite beautiful, thanks! Is there a way to call on the powerpack scripts from my own scripts and retrieve the returned data? I’m thinking of writing my own daily report script and there are lots of scripts in this powerpack that I could use.

  2. Sudharsan says:

    I have been using your Power Gui Power pack but somehow the Todays vTIP functionality is not working saying unable to connect to internet although Power pack is able to check for updates in the internet . IS there something that i need to do to rectify the same ?

    Also , i would like to see a feature wherein we can schedule tasks in the power pack itself for example running a inventory task everyday . This is just an idea . Will we able to achieve this .

  3. Virtu-Al says:

    Sorry should have made it clear, its only PowerCLI 4.0 Update 1 you need, not vSphere 4.0 U1, PowerCLI 4.0U1 is backward compatable to V4, 3.5 and V3 hosts.

  4. Tom says:

    And what about people who are not yet able to upgrade to Update 1 (e.g. HP agents, too small an ESXi install, etc.)????

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