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Vote for Freedom vote for me (please)

My only chance of getting to VMworld this year is to win a all expenses paid trip, luckly enough Veeam have launched a competition which I have entered and first prize is a all expenses trip to San Francisco -VMworld 2009.

I always add my scripts to this blog for free and now Im hoping you may be able to help me out by simply voting for me at the following location:  Thanks in advance !

You will need to register to login but registration is only a 2 minute job.

Vote Here !

Come on, we can’t let the woman in a bra beat me (No not you Gabe the other one)!

VI Toolkit Lab @ VMWorld

Whilst at VMWorld I managed to sit in on the very popular VI toolkit Lab, this was one of around 10 labs which were running during the day and people could go up and run through some testing on a pre-built lab environment all for themselves.

This gives people a great opportunity to play and mess with things that they may not get a chance to do in there normal line of work.

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VMTN: Ask The Experts – How did it Go ?

VMTN - Ask the Experts

I wanted to say thanks to everyone that came to see us at VMWorld Europe 2009 in Cannes, and especially the people who asked me some questions.

After a slow start to the first day it picked up and we had a fair few visits from people the second day.  I especially want to thank the German guy who came well prepared, he had a sheet of A4 paper full of questions for me. I think I managed to answer most of them.


I had some interesting questions from some other people who I have promised to write a few scripts for, I will post these on my blog, hopefully over the next couple of weeks.

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The VESI is on its way

Whilst at VMworld Europe 2009 I managed to get a sneak preview of the VESI, if you are unsure what this is then please check my previous post here.   Judging by the interest of the Vizioncore stand and the fact that Scott Herold was looking rather tired at the end of each day I am sure this product is going to AMAZING.

I managed to capture a few sneaky pics of the vDiagram portion of the app and let me tell you, if you liked my original script then you are in for a treat when they release this app, as you can see below they have added more features, nicer shapes and a whole can of kick ass in the process.

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The Frenchman in Cannes

In one of the VMTN Round table podcasts I was mistakenly taken for a Frenchman as my last name is Renouf and I guess this sounds French to the Americans, whilst I haven’t found a way to re-pay John Troyer for this mistake yet I certainly will.

It would seem that at VMworld I was recognised as ‘The Frenchman’ rather than the guy who writes PowerShell scripts or the guy from the UK, I was expecting this after the multiple blog posts which have been added by people stating that I was French.  I decided to go prepared and the below is the sum of my payback !

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VI Toolkit voted Number 1

In a recent VMTN Round table podcast we were asked what our predictions would be for 2009, mine was “Automation of VMware Products”,  after visiting VMWorld Europe 2009 in Cannes it would seam that my prediction was coming true.

Whilst there I attended ‘TA01 – Managing VMware With PowerShell’ presented by Carter Shanklin (VI Toolkit Product Manager), one of the developer of the VI toolkit and also Dennis Zimmer (CTO of Icomasoft).

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VMworld Europe – Come say Hi

I have now had confirmation that I will be able to attend VMworld Europe, both from VMware and the wife, I wont tell you which one was harder to get.

If you will be attending make sure you come and say Hi, I am willing to talk about the VI Toolkit and powershell in general, if your looking to get started I can even take you a few of the tips and tricks to get you in and scripting.

If you are wondering where to find me amongst all the of the French people I will be hanging around the VMTN session hoping that some of there expert skills will rub off on me, so come and see me in the community lounge at the following times:

  • Tuesday 24th – 13.00 – 14.00
  • Wednesday 25th – 13.00 – 14.00

You will be able to meet the following people and pick there brains on any of the Virtualisation topics you can think of.
The following experts will be there to answer your questions…

  • Duncan Epping, –
  • Gabrie van Zanten, – ( I think he is swedish)
  • Jason Boche, – VMTNModerator and
  • Steve Beaver, – Tripwire andVMTN Moderator and Published Author
  • Scott Herold, – ( I think he is Canadian)
  • Thomas Bryant, – VizionCore, and VMTN Moderator
  • Wil van Antwerpen, –
  • Eric Sloof, - (He will probably have a video camera in his hand)
  • Tom Howarth – (The loud guy on the VMwarecommunities podcast)
  • Alan Renouf, – Not French

So please come and say hello.
P.S. Payback time !